Why Grow Grun

The best CBD source for full spectrum products. Learn why GrowGrun is your best supplier of CBD oils,  skin care and pet products.

When we conceived GrowGrun, we fully understood cannabinoids myriad of benefits for your body and for your lovely pets. This is the inspiration for our brand.

Our core mission is to ensure that you get the best CBD quality that optimally serves your needs. Thanks to the legalization of cannabinoids, the market exploding with many new brands, it is becoming a mammoth task for the consumer to find the purest of CBD products.

The compound cannabinoids is never meant to have any psychoactive effects. Its sister compound,  tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)  is responsible for creating a head “high” and, in some cases, addiction.

The maximum legal THC concentration in CBD products is a paltry 0.3%. While most products in the market claim to abide by this threshold, some rogue brands nevertheless exploit the unsuspecting buyer.

We give all these factors serious regard to bring you the purest quality and our unique line of CBD products.

We produce full spectrum CBD serving different purposes for animals and for humans. They include

  1. CBD oils
  2. CBD skin care
  3. CBD for pets

Our full spectrum CBD products allow you to experience the full benefits of cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD is advantageous because it contains other naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant, including essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

These substances produce the Eentourage Effect. With this Entourage phenomenon, each therapeutic benefit of CBD is magnified. There is no better way to enjoy the full array of cannabinoid’s goodies.

The potency of our products

All GrowGrun unique products are in line with our core principles of quality and purity. The only variance comes in the potency of each product.

What this actually means is that each bottle of CBD has its own level of potency. This is done to differentiate the various levels of CBD activity in the body ?as expressed using the time taken to produce certain effects.? HUH?

Are you asking why we present varied CBD potency? Generally, potency is low medium, medium or high. Highly potent CBD packages have the highest degree of effect even in small amounts. The lowest potency means that when administered in recommended amounts, the effects are lesser profound.

Why is varied potency important?

  • It provides variety to choose from
  • It helps in easily determining the right dose for experiencing optimal effects
  • It saves money, allowing you to buy exactly what you need

Our product line has potency levels between 5% and 25%, in gradations of 5%. One of the ways we are unique is variety of potency in each product.


How does GrowGrun make it easy for you to access quality CBD products? Well, we insist on the most stringent degree of purity in our product processing.  We extend this quality to our service. With GrowGrun, you experience great products, attractive and informative packaging, timely delivery, attentive customer service and – to top it all off – competitively affordable pricing.


We state clearly in our packaging and branding that our products are full-spectrum. They contain other essential cannabinoids that naturally occur alongside CBD in the hemp plant. However, we endeavor to remove any extra THC compound from our products to comply with the legal 0.3% cap.

Our beneficiale cannabinoli products are sourced from naturally grown cannabis plants. There are no herbicides or pesticides used during cultivation. This is key to ensuring no harmful chemicals creep into your bottle. And our processing uses no additives either.


This is what sets us apart from the rest and keeps us on top. Our products strive to be as unique as our brand’s vision and mission. We remain committed to helping our clients conveniently receive the best CBD benefits possible.

How can you use our products?

Our products come as CBD oils, skin care products, and CBD for pets.

CBD oils- These are orally digestible. You can choose to use them in your cooking or swallow your dose directly. CBD oil is well known to calm anxiety, help with pain and inflammations, and help with sleep disorders, among many other wellness benefits.

CBD skin care- These are available as creams and serums, topically applied to your skin. Our skin care products will help you deal with maintaining your skin especially through clearing acne.

CBD for pets- It is CBD oil for all your animals at home. The product has the same medical value as the human version. CBD oil for pets can be ingested orally by any domesticated animal by simply adding it to their meals.

Contact us for any CBD-related matter and we shall get back to you promptly.